Offered as an additional service to ACRUS software.

Competent - board certified (typically internal medicine or surgery) physicians with over several years experience as a physician advisor.

Efficient - typical review times in less than 2 hours typically.

Effective -  high percentage of Peer to Peer approvals with commercial payers.


Accuracy - our software ensures our PAs do not miss a single lab or a note when reviewing an encounter. This translates into highly accurate placement, compliance and reimbursement.

Evidence Based - we employ the latest research and guidelines along with Machine Learning system that can detect when a payer changes thresholds based on may be in violation of contractual agreements.

AutoCoding - we verify the medical coding (ICD10) is accurate by using software and AI to analyze the encounter and capture all data both unstructured and structured.  

Support - our PAs are available to educate clinical staff, utilization staff and management.  Also provide peer to peer support and coaching.

Clarity - near realtime reporting is available for management and executive staff.  We believe that accurate timely information can optimize staffing and asset management.

Security - all of our systems and SOPs are designed to exceed HIPAA compliance and 45 CFR regulations.

Neutral - we are not owned by a commercial payer and have no affiliation with any payer or hospital system.

Fee Flexibility - case by case $175.00 per review and includes peer to peer if needed.  Or only pay for encounters that are approved; ask for more information.