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“New Medical Technology Company in Casper, Wyoming”


CASPER, WYOMING, August 12, 2020 Kavingali, Corp. announces the opening of its new corporate headquarters.  Currently, the company is introducing LOTUS FILM      a hydrophobic self-cleaning applied thin film that is designed to be applied by spray or roller to glass and metal surfaces.  The product was designed to assist in new levels of standards for commercial touch surfaces that offers an alternative to constant chemical cleaning.  


The company has two versions of the film one designed for outdoor application that has been tested to remain effective for three to five years.  The other interior version is designed to last over one year and can easily be applied to high traffic areas such as doors, elevators, escalators and other high traffic areas in commercial settings. Both product versions are non-toxic but are not designed for use in food preparation or direct food contact applications.  The company is currently researching how the Tungsten Trioxide in the LOTUS FILM™  (patent pending) might use natural light (blue light levels of visible light) and photocatalytic process to neutralize pathogens. 


The company also has software and robotics divisions that are focused on efficient patient care and cost effective treatment.  ACRUS™ is a healthcare coding and utilization revenue system.  It is designed to automate both the billing, quality of care, and utilization functions that are currently conducted by nursing staff manually.  Designed to save typical hospital systems up to 45 percent  of current departmental costs and provide significant realtime data to managers. The system employs machine learning software that can migrate and analyze both structured and unstructured (physician notes) and then apply algorithms and industry criteria both to code for billing and recommend placement status for billing.  APIs are currently being designed to work with all EHR systems and commercial payer systems.


The company is focused on local hire and reutilizing displaced oilfield and gas workers to transition to high tech manufacturing to include custom robotic fingers, thin film coatings and custom prototyping medical devices.  Kavingali, Corp. has several products planned to be made locally and have the label “Made in Casper” and “Made in the USA”. In addition, the company also has patents pending for a 400-450 nm light device for the neutralization of pathogens (viruses) for escalator handrails and for physical therapy/occupational therapy collaborative robots. 


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