LOTUS FILM is a proprietary hydrophobic, ultra thin (200nm), spray-on, clear coating for glass, metal and plastics.  Lotus Film's proprietary formula is made with Tungsten Trioxide WO3, Titanium Dioxide TiO2 and Silicone Dioxide SiO2 to give the film very unique properties with regards wearability to bacteria and viruses.  Tungsten Trioxide and Titanium Dioxide have synergistic properties and have been extensively researched for many applications in relation to thin films and the surface-bound hydroxyl radical+OH. Currently, we are researching how the Tungsten Trioxide particle reflects 400 nm to 470 nm light in indoor applications.   

  • Self-cleaning 

  • Clear appearance

  • Hydrophobic 

  • Thin film

  • Safe 

  • Exterior and interior formulations


  • Doors and doorways

  • Elevators and escalators

  • Light switches and plates

  • Bathroom stalls

  • High traffic touchpoints 

  • Any surface that is typically being wiped down often to keep clean


  • Kavingali certified application personnel on-site in the US or in Casper, WY - (quality preparation and installation are key)

  • Sprayed or rolled depending on the surface

  • Typically 60 - 90 minutes to dry time

  • Typical life is 3 to 5 years before re-application is required

To learn more about peer reviewed research about Tungsten Trioxide, Titanium Dioxide and Silicone Dioxide please click here.

Note: This product is not intended for any food or foodstuff preparation, manufacturing or serving contact or interaction and is NOT approved/cleared by the FDA for any such application.   This product is strictly applied for commercial settings as self-cleaning film.  MSDS and safety information is available upon request.

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