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Engage DMR™

Did you know your medical records are actually your information and you have access to them (21CFR 21.33)?  Did you also know you can give permission to others to see your healthcare records and data such as hospitals or insurance companies?  However, did you know companies buy and sell your de-identified healthcare data on a daily basis for thousands of dollars?


Today, you can take control and choose how and when your data can be shared.  You can even de-identify your data and make money by selling it to companies (biotech, pharmaceutical and even commercial payers).

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Engage DMR™


How this all started:

After working as a corporate physician I realized healthcare data contained information on how a person experiences life through new conditions, injuries and treatment plans.  In 2017, I wrote an article detailing how wound care could improve just by being able to analyze multiple treatment plans and outcomes from physicians all over the world and thus create better treatment plans in months not years just by analyzing large datasets.


In the Spring of 2020, I started working in automation for healthcare and I soon realized that a whole international market existed not only for healthcare data but also participant (people) recruitment for clinical trials.  I designed ERIC to automatically identify people for clinical trials then using a proprietary method contact them to let them know they matched for a trial.  This was a great solution for the clinical trial industry in which up to 70% of clinical trials fail due to not being able to recruit the right candidates. If a trial can be shortened by just 12 months this can translate to another year a drug is "on patent" and is typically worth $500 M to $1B in revenue for that extra year on patent. 

In September of 2021, a few of us came up with a patient centric system that completes all these ideas into one.  A system, the is FDA Federally compliant as both an electronic medical record system and a system that offers the user full control over their personal medical data.  


How does it work?

The system we created offers:

HIPAA and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant platform that uses AWS and Azure cloud based systems for security that exceeds all government standards.  

eConsent component (IRB reviewed) that offers a easy to understand but robust consenting process.

The platform can store all your medical data to include; past medical history (even hand written notes to digital data), unique pathology reports, labs (lab reports), imaging, videos (such as ultrasound), ECG, EEG, prescriptions, pharmacogenetics, and even full gene sequences. 

The platform allows you to share your data for a long time or short time via a hashcode/QR code.

The platform allows you to opt in and sell your de-identified data to 3rd parties such as pharmaceutical, medical device or insurance companies. We split the revenue with you 50%/50% (ask about our third party accounting audits).

Share your data with a new medical provider, so they can fully understand your medical history instead of a one page paper summary.

Opt in to be considered for clinical trials by consenting and sharing your de-identified data.  No more wasting time on a Facebook advertisement for a clinical trial that waste your time.

Easily link to medical and fitness devices to capture data that automatically uptakes into your record.

Track fitness health and even how you are feeling on a new prescription or treatment plan (device data collection and personal survey and experiences you log).

Opt in for the alert system that can let you and other know if you suddenly become ill or vitals or your blood chemistry changes that may indicate you need medical attention.

Upload an exam or full genetic sequence (the blue pint of you) to better understand you personally through linked genetic counselors but also track how your genetic code changes over time.

Opt-in for gene research tracker - a service that allows you to track the latest publications on specific genes, gene defects and medical conditions that may relates to you as new discoveries are published.


Ask about how you can have revenues earned transferred into your HSA (Health Saving Account).


The best benefit is it costs you nothing and you can earn money, establish a passive income and learn more about you and how you can stay healthy!

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