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Kavingali is a healthcare technology company.  

  • ACRUS™: Robotic Process Automated (RPA) coding and utilization review software

  • ERIC™ Electronic Research Intelligence Cloud - a force multiplier employing RPA and AI for clinical research. 


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“New Medical Technology Company in Casper, Wyoming”


CASPER, WYOMING, August 12, 2020 Kavingali, Corp. announces the opening of its new corporate headquarters.  Currently, the company is introducing LOTUS FILM      a hydrophobic self-cleaning applied thin film that is designed to be applied by spray or roller to glass and metal surfaces.  The product was designed to assist in new levels of standards for commercial touch surfaces that offers an alternative to constant chemical cleaning.  


The company has two versions of the film one designed for outdoor application that has been tested to remain effective for three to five years.  The other interior version is designed to last over one year and can easily be applied to high traffic areas such as doors, elevators, escalators and other high traffic areas in commercial settings. Both product versions are non-toxic but are not designed for use in food preparation or direct food contact applications.  The company is currently researching how the Tungsten Trioxide in the LOTUS FILM™  (patent pending) might use natural light (blue light levels of visible light) and photocatalytic process to neutralize pathogens. 


The company also has software and robotics divisions that are focused on efficient patient care and cost effective treatment.  ACRUS™ is a healthcare coding and utilization revenue system.  It is designed to automate both the billing, quality of care, and utilization functions that are currently conducted by nursing staff manually.  Designed to save typical hospital systems up to 45 percent  of current departmental costs and provide significant realtime data to managers. The system employs machine learning software that can migrate and analyze both structured and unstructured (physician notes) and then apply algorithms and industry criteria both to code for billing and recommend placement status for billing.  APIs are currently being designed to work with all EHR systems and commercial payer systems.


The company is focused on local hire and reutilizing displaced oilfield and gas workers to transition to high tech manufacturing to include custom robotic fingers, thin film coatings and custom prototyping medical devices.  Kavingali, Corp. has several products planned to be made locally and have the label “Made in Casper” and “Made in the USA”. In addition, the company also has patents pending for a 400-450 nm light device for the neutralization of pathogens (viruses) for escalator handrails and for physical therapy/occupational therapy collaborative robots. 


Contact: info@kavingali.com for more information.  www.kavingali.com



Kavingali, Corp. Debuts Innovative Automated Utilization Review Software


The company’s RPA-driven system, ACRUS ™ , addresses missed revenue in utilization review management by

unlocking the full potential of automation technologies.


October 13, 2020 - Casper, WY - Kavingali Corp., a medical technology company focused on the innovation and delivery of applications designed to transform current healthcare processes, announces its newest SaaS solution, Automated Cloud Revenue Utilization System (ACRUST​™).  Created by a team of physician advisors and software

experts, ACRUS is a proprietary robotic process automation (RPA) system that employs Blue Prism® , Amazon

Web Services (AWS) , and Microsoft Azure with its own proprietary database to completely automate the UR and

appeals process for healthcare systems.

ACRUS was developed to solve one of the healthcare industry’s major challenges: inefficiencies in the effective collection of revenue for patients who qualify for inpatient status which currently results in a significant loss of revenue. By leveraging the latest technology via digital robots (RPA), ACRUS empowers U.S. healthcare systems to maximize their revenue by enhancing the process of inpatient determination while realizing a 60 percent reduction in overhead in the UR and Appeals departments. The system accomplishes this by credentialing the digital bot(s) like a human worker. The bots are able to perform a number of tasks, such as medical coding an entire encounter in ICD-10 as well as identifying billing conflicts to alert the billing department.


ACRUS’ innovative functionality affords healthcare systems a number of benefits:

●  Accuracy - Achieves at least a 10 percent increase in accuracy - not possible with human skill sets

●  Efficiency - Five digital bots complete over 43,000 manual review hours per year

●  Interoperability - Accesses all current and legacy EHR systems and commercial payer systems organically

●  Reliability - Operates 24/7/365

●  Safety - Monitors for potential patient risk and alerts risk management personnel

●  Seamlessness - Requires no human process beyond quality control


“ACRUS is the most disruptive technology for the healthcare utilization review processes in the last 30 years,” said Dr. Leigh J Mack, CEO of Kavingali. “We project that a typical 1,000 bed hospital can save approximately 40 percent in net overhead and realize at least 10 percent increase in efficiency and accuracy in inpatient status placement - translating to approximately $30 million in additional revenue.”

ACRUS will be available in January of 2021 to healthcare systems of all sizes interested in reducing expenses and improving efficiencies in their utilization and appeals departments.

About Kavingali, Corp.

Kavingali is a Veteran-owned medical technology company headquartered in Casper, Wyoming that specializes in

cutting-edge software solutions which automate and address process deficiencies while enhancing revenue

opportunities. Their solutions are created to transform healthcare with automation while enhancing patient care.

Kavingali remains dedicated to their vision of transforming the way healthcare technology improves processes

and delivers value from both revenue and cost savings perspectives.


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